Tennis Court for Hire in Newcastle


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Court Bookings for Casuals, Intermediates or Pros

Looking to hire a tennis court for a casual after-work session with your friends? Perhaps you’re aiming to get on the world circuit and need top-class facilities to hone your skills? No matter what level you’re at or why you want to play, we welcome everyone to the home of tennis in Newcastle – Topspin Tennis! We have the largest facilities of their kind in the region including 24 courts; 23 of which are floodlit synthetic grass and one hard court surface – without lighting. Get in touch with us for casual court bookings; or if you’re looking for professional coaching, visit our coach booking page.

Booking Process & Pricing

At Topspin Tennis, we’re open seven days a week. For our latest opening hours check out our contact us page. Our off-peak booking times are between 9am-5pm with peak from 5pm onwards. Rates are negotiable for large off-peak bookings and we also provide racquet hire (photo ID required). Please be aware that competitions and coaching classes may affect court availability from one week to the next; so, to ensure you get your desired spot, try to book online as early as possible.


Court Hire | Off-Peak

Court Hire | Peak

Racquet Hire


9 am – 5pm
5 pm >


$15 per hour
$25 for 2 hours

$20 per hour

$2 per racquet