Racquet Restring Service in Newcastle


Restringing Racquets for Peak Performance

Is your racquet not hitting the ball quite like it used to? Playing competition and need to keep your equipment in peak condition? If you didn’t already know, racquet strings start to loosen over time, resulting in lower accuracy, power and ultimately performance. At Topspin Tennis, we provide professional racquet restring services at competitive prices in Newcastle, Lambton, Adamstown, Kotara, Hillsborough, Cardiff, West Wallsend  and Mayfield.

Our electronic machinery – including the Wilson Baiardo and Babolat Star 5 – and our know-how, result in the highest quality restringing available. The turnaround time for a restring is typically 2-3 working days, but this can take a little longer during peak periods. For current timeframes, or if you’ve got an emergency, call us today!

String Prices & Availability

We provide restringing for various styles, desired tensions and string types – including natural gut, synthetic gut and multifilament. We can source a full range of strings, including:

 String List Price
 Luxilon Alu Power Rough/Soft $50
 Luxilon Element $50
 Luxilon Adrenaline $50
 Luxilon Savage $50
 Luxilon 4G Rough/Soft $45
 Technifibre Black Code $45
 Babolat RPM Blast $50
 Babolat RPM Dual $45
 Babolat RPM Team $40
 Head Lynx $45
 Synthetic Gut 
 Wilson Stamina $35
 Technifibre Syn Gut $35
 Babolat N.V.Y Gut $35
 Babolat Spireltek $35
 Wilson NXT $50
 Head Reflex $50
 Head Velocity $45
 Wilson Sensation $37
 Technifibre 305 $45
 Head Evolution Pro $40
 Wilson Helix $37
 Own String 
 Labour $30